SunG P?8937 D 59 V265



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The Detail

Winner of the German Design Award 2022. The Porsche Design P´8937 is a reinterpretation of the unique Iconic Hexagon 2020. The "Hexagon Series" is inspired by the design of the Porsche engine block. Four exposed hex screws connect the frames in a modern squared aviator shape to a striking, milled titanium backing element, giving the sunglasses a unique, modern look. The precision and stability of the design are emphasized by the exclusive fabrication: Each frame is assembled individually by hand. Lightweight temples made from RXP® high-performance plastic emphasize the high-tech character of the front section and ensure maximum comfort.Available in colorway B (titanium, black) with innovative VISION DRIVE Polarized XTR lens technology, and in colorway C (gold, black) with VISION DRIVE Polarized lenses.


Exclusive sunglasses in a high-tech design.
Inspired by the engine block of Porsche sports cars.
Milled titanium front section, screwed to the frame by hand. Lightweight RXP® temple.
Available in a number of colors with polarized lenses.
Winner of the German Design Award 2022.