Business Casual Double Monk 8 uk


Product Code: PD4046901795924


The Detail

The Business Casual Goodyear Calf Double Monk welted shoe is ‘Made in Germany’ in collaboration with one of Germany’s leading companies. Goodyear Welted is a traditional frame seam process in shoe manufacturing. The Goodyear Welted Hand is used about 300 times to make a high-quality shoe out of the finest calfskin. The result of this intricate process is a long-lasting shoe with flexible support. The cork material between the insoles and the outer soles adapts to the foot, creating a perfectly fitting shoe. The outer sole designed by the German company Rendenbach® is produced in the traditional pit tanning method. Compostable tanning agents are used, including tree bark and fruit. The environmentally-friendly tanning process ensures an especially good skin tolerance and durability of the leather. Leather with the JR trademark seal is water resistant, extremely resistant to abrasion, tough, flexible and offers a high level of comfort. Visually impressive with a beautiful grain pattern and a warm, wood-like tone. The shoe is naturally water resistant, absorbs foot perspiration and is extremely breathable and hygienic.