BusiCas GY Calf LU blk 9


Product Code: PD4046901682361


The Detail

Around 300. That’s the number of steps required to transform premium box skin leather into the new Porsche Design Business Casual Goodyear Nappa Lace Up.
The traditional Goodyear welt construction results in a leather shoe that provides flexible support for the complex movement of the foot – and that can be worn for a lifetime. The breathable cork filling between the insole and outsole adapts to the contours of the foot and creates a form-fitting footbed. Rendenbach® insoles in this shoe are also made in Germany – in a traditional ground tanning process in deep pits lined with tanning agents such as oak bark and fruits. This environmentally friendly process results in exquisite leather graining and a warm, woody tone – and it imparts the unique properties that make the leather gentle to the skin, water-repellent, breathable, moisture-absorbing and hygienic. A business shoe that truly does it all.